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Seun Olokeogu & Associates advises private and public sector clients in a diverse range of privatisation and commercialisation matters. The Nigerian government is currently engaged in a comprehensive privatisation programme aimed at restructuring and privatizing the certain specific of the public sector, increasing overall viability and efficiency, and funding socio-economic developments. Seun Olokeogu & Associates and several of its clients have become heavily involved in these privatisation efforts. Our law firm frequently collaborates with international consultants as representatives for investors engaging in the current privatisation programme. Seun Olokeogu & Associates acts as local counsel to several major international corporations and other investors as they seek to implement federal and state government privatisation programmes in Nigeria.

Nigeria is notable among other Sub-Saharan African countries as being virtually open to foreign investment in all major industrial sectors, including agriculture, oil and gas, minerals, coal, power, telecommunications, and tourism. Successful foreign investment often hinges on the ability of a foreign investor to legally and properly obtain a valid interest in a particular entity in accordance with applicable Nigerian laws and regulations. Our Nigerian law firm guides foreign investors through every step of the investment process to ensure that the investor achieves its investment objectives. As the leading advisor on foreign investment in Nigeria, Seun Olokeogu & Associates provides clients with the full range of services, including:

  • Acquisition of interest, assets, and property
  • Acquisition of pioneer status
  • Attainment of government incentives
  • Business formation
  • Business operation
  • Community empowerment
  • Compliance and regulatory issues
  • Immigration matters
  • Nigerian local regulations
  • Taxation issues

All of our services are designed to maximise the value of the foreign investor’s interest while still complying with all national, state, and local rules, regulations, and laws. Furthermore, in the course of our work in foreign investment, the Nigerian attorneys of Seun Olokeogu & Associates have developed close professional relationships with governmental entities and industry regulators who are inextricably related to foreign investment. These relationships have historically resulted in more efficient and effective foreign investment transactions for our clients, as well as the ability to gain valuable insight and feedback from essential partners in these transactions.

As the advisor of your privatisation and foreign investment, the Nigerian law firm of Seun Olokeogu & Associates will assist your company through every step of the privatisation or foreign investment process. By ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, our law firm will help you maximise your investments in Nigeria. 

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